Causes of hydraulic elevator oil leakage

Update:13 Dec 2019

During the use of domestic hydraulic elevators, oil lea […]

During the use of domestic hydraulic elevators, oil leakage may occur due to untimely maintenance, which should be resolved in time. So how to solve oil leakage in home hydraulic elevators? First of all, we must find out the reason. Next, I will introduce the relevant knowledge about domestic hydraulic elevators. Let's take a look together.

Causes of hydraulic elevator oil leakage:

1. When plastic joints are used for pipe joints, material aging will occur after a long period of use, which will cause the tubing and pipe joints to rupture, which will lead to the failure of oil leakage.

2.During the processing of the joint surface of the box and the cover, the surface roughness is too rough, or the residual internal stress is too large to cause deformation, which makes the joint surface not tightly fitted, or the fasteners occur.

Damage to the loose phenomenon, which can cause oil leakage.

3. After long-term use of the seal ring, friction and wear will cause it to lose its sealing performance, or the aging of rubber and other materials will completely damage the seal ring, and due to wear between the shaft and the sleeve.

Damage, which increases the gap between the holes and shafts, which causes oil leakage.

4. The oil change is unreasonable and often causes oil leakage in home elevators.

5. There is no reasonable oil return path, which makes the oil return unsmooth, resulting in oil leakage in home elevators.


1.Inspection and maintenance of hydraulic elevator should be performed under power failure.

2.Check whether the reversing film is clean. The brush should slide freely in the brush box.

3.Check whether the connection cable of the hydraulic elevator motor is correct and firm.

4.Check the wear of the brushes of the semi-hydraulic elevator every three months and replace the brushes as appropriate.

5.Check whether all fasteners are fastened.

6.Do a full maintenance of the stacker motor once a year.

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