Duplex villa installation home elevator precautions

Update:17 Sep 2019

Many owners of duplex villas want to install a home ele […]

Many owners of duplex villas want to install a home elevator, so what should you pay attention to during the installation process? Next, the home elevator will introduce you to the relevant installation precautions, and follow this article to find out.

First, the elevator pit cannot be too deep. Duplex and loft do not have the conditions for digging under the pit, only by raising the elevator entrance to meet the installation requirements. Strong-drive elevators require a pit of 500mm, which is too much to lift the elevator exit, which is obviously not suitable. The conventional depth of the hydraulic household elevator pit is 100mm~150mm, which can raise the elevator exit to meet the requirements. The screw-type household elevator pit is only a few centimeters, and the height of the paving tile is almost the same, so it is also called the bottomless pit home elevator, which avoids the old man not paying attention to fall.

Second, the self-weight of the double-type elevator or the attic elevator cannot be too large, and it cannot form excessive pressure on the bottom floor. The slab design of the conventional residential building has a bearing capacity of about 400kg/m2, while the traction type home elevator has a hoistway weight of more than two tons. This is completely unnecessary. The strong-drive home elevators also have a ton of weight. The lighter weight is the screw type household elevator and the hydraulic household elevator. The two types of elevators weigh about seven or eight hundred kilograms. The large angle steel can be used to distribute the force area through the bottom to meet the installation requirements.

Third, each floor must have a pedestrian safety exit. Many owners want to install a small elevator after dismantling the stairs. This is not allowed unless there are other passages on the second floor that can enter the public area. Otherwise, people on the second floor will not be able to leave when the power is cut or the elevator is overhauled.

Fourth, the top level of the elevator should not be too high. The second floor of the conventional penthouse and the penthouse will not exceed three meters in height, especially the attic is more than two meters. From the analysis of the top height requirements of several elevators, the minimum height of the top level of the screw elevator is only 2200mm. If the height of the elevator car is appropriately reduced, the minimum height of 2000mm can also be installed.


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