Elevator shaft parts and indoor space settings

Update:20 May 2020

The interior space of the elevator shaft determines the […]

The interior space of the elevator shaft determines the specifications of the interior space of the elevator car and the opening and closing doors. It is a good plan to install an elevator directly under the indoor staircase and integrate it with the indoor staircase. Usually pay attention to the following three levels of difficulties: directly below the indoor stairs, the wall feet, and external software can be used, and vertical centering will never block the safe passage as a poor. The total width of the opening and closing doors should be used to reverse the total width of the elevator shaft, and the highest peak of high-rise buildings should be used to reverse the aspect ratio of the elevator car. The load capacity is highly recommended for 3-4 people, 400KG, and the specifications within the elevator car are 0.8-1.2 square meters.


Determination of style design style


The selection and clarification of the style design style must take into account the natural environment of the elevator shaft and my hobbies, followed by the cost and difficulty level. Generally speaking, the enclosed elevator shaft should be enclosed elevator car, and the tourist elevator shaft should be equipped with tourist elevator car, that is, which elevator shaft is equipped with which design style, maybe some can choose 3 sides of tourism or Some travel and sightseeing design styles, choose a more enjoyable method.


Reasonable layout and appearance design of elevator car floor plan


Generally speaking, to save the total area, the double-leaf side-opening revolving doors are mostly used, and the side plan is also more appropriate. In general, domestic elevators use the industry's stable elevator shaft specifications, with a width of 1200mm. The width of the cabin is 850mm, and the total width of the switch door is maintained at 700mm. Most of the vacant indoor spaces among the U-shaped indoor staircases are preferably equipped with domestic elevators, and the steel structure elevator shafts or the aluminum alloy profile frame elevator shafts built in the elevator cars have poor ventilation arrangements.


Pit and overall planning and installation


In general, the bottom pit is used to install buffers and accommodate the elevator car in the middle and late stages. Some jump-floor units cannot dig the bottom pit. The high-rise peaks are large and so on. Generally, 100mm is used for small pits. Those without pits can also use decorative design pavements to use the pits. The highest peak for the bottom layer should exceed 2350mm.


Up, down, left and right decoration design


The top priority of decoration design is by no means high-end or integration of interior decoration style. Villa elevator must pay close attention to this point. Changsha Villa Elevator is unique for this purpose. It enhances the flash point of life and home as a standard. The actual wooden effect elevator car, tourist elevator car, stainless steel elevator car, cortical actual effect elevator car, polyester soft decoration actual design Effects Elevator cars, etc., living room ceiling lights, bathroom mirror headlights, led energy-saving lights, etc. can also be used, and there are elevator car control display information that can enhance the modern sense. The whole ceramic veneer inside can be affixed with ceramic tiles or natural marble, or it can be simply brushed with latex paint.



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