Factors to consider when choosing an elevator

Update:18 Jun 2020

In order to save space during renovation, many villas w […]

In order to save space during renovation, many villas will have steep and narrow stairs, making it difficult for families with elderly people and children to go up and down, so installing an elevator will solve this problem and make the family better. Enjoy life. So, when the villa is decorated, what should be paid attention to when choosing the elevator?


1. Look at the drive mode: traction drive

Elevators using permanent magnet synchronous traction technology have the characteristics of smooth lifting, comfortable ride, quiet operation and low energy consumption, and are the first choice for home elevators.


2. Look at the door opening method: automatic door

The automatic door is the same as the public passenger elevator, with double protection of car door and hall door. At the same time, in consideration of space saving, most villa elevators choose side-opening automatic doors. Because the side-opening automatic door can save the construction area to the greatest extent and make full use of the width of the shaft, as well as facilitate the use of people with disabilities and elderly people with limited mobility, it also reflects the humanized design considerations.



3. Look at the manufacturer: Grade A

In recent years, a number of elevator manufacturers of different grades have appeared in China, and it is easy to buy products with low cost performance. There is an easy way to understand the production qualification of the manufacturer before purchasing. If the column of "Special Equipment Manufacturing License" for passenger elevators is Class A, it means that the elevators purchased must conform to the national standard and will not appear basically. The big problem.


4. Need to have power failure emergency function

If there is a sudden power failure to shut down people while using the elevator, the power failure emergency function can ensure that the elevator will continue to run for a period of time and ensure that people will not be shut down due to power failure.


5. Need to have automatic fault leveling function.

There is no property staff on duty in the villa elevator. It will take more than ten minutes for the elevator maintenance unit to rescue people. If equipped with a fault automatic leveling function, the elevator will not blindly close people when a fault occurs, but automatically analyzes the fault situation, closes the leveling on the premise of ensuring passenger safety, and opens the door to release the passengers, so that you can maximize the It is very practical to reduce the risk of being locked in an elevator.



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