General requirements before installation of the elevator

Update:27 Dec 2019

First of all, the construction personnel entering the c […]

First of all, the construction personnel entering the construction site must adhere to the principle of civilized construction and safety first. In order to absolutely guarantee the safety of equipment and elevator installers, elevator installation meets the installation standards.

In the elevator installation process, the concept of safe installation must be established from beginning to end, and a set of safety responsibility system must be established.

Elevator installation team leader or site supervisor is the first person in charge of the elevator installation site. Supervisor is responsible for the safety of all personnel and equipment of the elevator installation. It strictly requires the construction progress of elevator installation and the quality of elevator installation.

When the supervisor is responsible for the safety inspection of the elevator installation, once the elevator installation personnel are found to have any violations of discipline and rules, such illegal operations should be stopped immediately, and rectifications should be made in time to prevent problems before they occur.

During the installation of the elevator, the temporary wires used must have good insulation and no joints can occur in the middle.

For temporary power consumption, a separate power switch box must be provided (the power switch, lighting switch, leakage, short circuit, overload protection devices should be included in it).

The wires cannot be placed anywhere, and they are pulled randomly to prevent abrasion and damage to the insulation layer. They should be hung on the wall along the wall.

When constructing several shafts at the same time, each elevator shaft should have separate power supply facilities, independent operation switches, and power to the machine room and the construction site to ensure the safety of construction electricity.

There should also be a lighting lamp installed in the elevator machine room, the top of the hoistway and the bottom of the hoistway to ensure lighting safety.

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