Home elevators have certain requirements for the installation location

Update:14 Nov 2019

1.The brand of home elevator Usually, people will defin […]

1.The brand of home elevator

Usually, people will definitely consider the brand when shopping, because after all, "one point for one price" is justified, and the after-sales will be better, people will feel relieved and guaranteed. The same is true for home elevators, and the better the brand, the more assured.

2.The quality of home elevators

The better the quality of the home elevator, the more resistant it will be, and the longer it will last. In general, developers will choose a better quality home elevator, which not only reduces the number of elevator maintenance, but also reduces maintenance costs.

3.The operating environment of the home elevator

The wire rope and frame of the household elevator are all iron, and the iron is prone to rust in a humid environment, and even if it is corrosion-resistant, it will damage the service life. Therefore, the home elevator is required for the installation location.

4.Home elevator maintenance

Home elevators, like commercial elevators, also require regular inspections. The inspection cycle of a general household elevator is one month, which prevents troubles caused by the elevator failure and even causes irreparable consequences.

5.The use of home elevators

When people use elevators, they should avoid exceeding the load-bearing range of the elevators, and they must not behave in the elevators, which will affect the service life of the home elevators.


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