How do small home elevators balance convenience and safety

Update:25 Sep 2019

The convenience of small home elevators in the process […]

The convenience of small home elevators in the process of use is what many people like, but safety is also very important. So how do small home elevators balance convenience and safety?

The rated speed of the household elevator should not exceed 0.4 m / s, the rated speed of the elevator without car door should be no more than 0.3 m / s, and the lifting height of the car should not exceed 12 m. The rated load should not exceed 400 kg. “Household elevators have specifications. If they are exceeded, they will be regarded as public elevators. They must be accepted by the quality supervision department before they can be put into use.

To coordinate the style of the home: the home improvement company does not need to worry about the decoration of the elevator, the elevator supplier will choose the decorative accessories inside and outside the car according to the decoration style. Because these accessories need to meet the balance factor, they should not be too light or too heavy, so they can only be designed and installed by the manufacturer. Since the elevator reserved for the villa is located in the middle of the stairs, it is hoped that the elevator can move a position. However, because of the structural modification of the stairs, it is necessary to inform the developer that the floor can be dismantled if technical conditions permit. And this, you have to use the decoration team.

Emergency functions can not be lacking: safety is the most concerned issue for elevator users. It is difficult for home elevators to be rescued outside the first time. Therefore, it should have corresponding emergency functions. For example, when the elevator suddenly fails in operation, the elevator can be immediately converted into the manual operation mode, and the car can slowly sink to the bottom under the action of gravity; there is a possibility that the building with frequent power outages should have automatic rescue. A household elevator with a device (break level layer) and an automatic dialing device.

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