How to decorate the villa elevator

Update:10 Jan 2020

In the process of villa elevator decoration, various as […]

In the process of villa elevator decoration, various aspects need to be selected in determining the final effect, so what should be considered in villa elevator decoration? Next, I will introduce some precautions about villa elevator decoration, and follow this article to find out.

Villa elevator should mainly choose from several aspects such as humanization, personalization, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Generally, the decoration effect of the elevator should be selected according to the decoration style of the villa.

Humanization is the most important aspect to consider. The purpose of installing an elevator in the villa is to facilitate the elderly and users. The elevator car must be greater than 70CM wide and 100CM deep, otherwise the wheelchair cannot be advanced. Personalization is also very important. According to the characteristics of the building and decoration, as well as the identity, temperament and hobbies of the owner, choose the elevator that matches it. Safety and reliability are of course one of the more important aspects of choosing an elevator. In order to ensure quality and safe use, you should choose a villa elevator of 320KG or above.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly elevators need to consider noise, whether it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, how much the top level is, and how much power it consumes.

Look at the drive method: traction drive

The elevator adopting permanent magnet synchronous traction technology has the characteristics of stable lifting, spacious riding, quiet operation and low energy consumption, and is the first choice for domestic elevators.

Look at the door closing method: automatic door

Automatic doors, like public passenger elevators, are protected by car doors and hall doors. In addition, in order to save space, most villa elevators choose side-opening automatic doors. The side-opening automatic door can save the building area to a small extent and use the width of the hoistway as much as possible. In addition, it can be easily used by people with disabilities and elderly people with mobility problems, which reflects the humanized design considerations. .

To power out emergency

If a power outage occurs during the use of the elevator and the person is shut down, the power outage emergency function can ensure that the elevator continues to run for a period of time, ensuring that the person will never be shut down due to a power outage.

Automatic fault leveling

The villa elevator has no property staff on duty, and it will take more than ten minutes for the elevator maintenance unit to come to the rescue. Equipped with an automatic leveling function for faults, the elevator will never blindly shut down when a fault occurs, or manually analyze the fault situation, and ensure the safety of passengers on the ground level, open the door to release passengers, so as to minimize It is very convenient to reduce the risks involved in the elevator.

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