How to ensure the safety of home elevators

Update:08 Aug 2020

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a vi […]

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a villa home elevator. First, consider the location of the home, the size of the location, and then what kind of elevator it corresponds to. Safety is an important point, as well as price, function, personalized customization, installation and maintenance. Many aspects affect the villa elevator.

The location for installing a home elevator must first be convenient and practical. Generally, we recommend installing it in the middle of the stairs, on the side of the stairs, opposite the stairs, etc., close to the stairs, to maximize the use of the home elevator.

1. Look at security

Because villa elevators are installed in private homes, it is more difficult for external rescuers to enter the interior, so safety and reliability are always the first. The safety of home elevators is particularly important, so the traction gantry series are mainly recommended, and hydraulic is not recommended (it has been eliminated ), screws are not recommended (belonging to lifting platforms, not elevators).

There are guide rails on the left and right sides or the three sides of the elevator. The guide rails run up and down between the two or three sides of the elevator hole. The force is balanced and the safety is the highest among all elevators, and it is also the elevator with the most mature technology. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of the elevator passengers, it is equipped with safety features such as a safety frame, an emergency stop button, a standard emergency backup power supply, an Internet of Things system, and an emergency call for help. It is the safe choice for home elevators.


2. Look at the installation and after-sales

The quality of home elevators is actually determined by the installation level, not the brand. The well-installed elevators are durable and safer. There is a saying in the elevator industry that "three points depend on manufacturing and seven points depend on installation." .

Due to the disturbance in the elevator industry, most of the small elevator companies simply cannot support and retain the installation team. Instead, it chooses to outsource the installation to various small installation teams or newcomers with different quality levels, which will cause great safety risks to the safety of home elevators.

All elevators in our home elevators are installed in the original factory, and the quality is guaranteed from the source, because the elevator is not used for one year, but for decades.

3. Space utilization

Nowadays, the practical area of ​​townhouses, double villas, etc. is getting smaller and smaller, so the home elevators are also designed from the perspective of reducing the floor area as much as possible, and the location of the elevators is more reasonable.

The purpose of humanized design and matching position is to increase the convenience of life, so we should choose a home elevator with humanized design details. Good home design brings people a comfortable life experience, and a detailed design can increase the convenience of life in all aspects.

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