How to ensure the safety of the installation location of home elevators

Update:11 Jun 2020

Safety risks brought by shaft layout The installation p […]

Safety risks brought by shaft layout

The installation position of the household elevator is determined according to the different needs of each family, especially for the residence without a reserved shaft, the safety of the installation position is more difficult to ensure. Some household elevators may have a space under the shaft that someone can reach And there is no solid pile pier, which brings a certain safety risk to people passing under the shaft.

Safety risks brought by small shaft space

The narrow shaft space is very inconvenient for the installation and maintenance of home elevators, and home elevators are often shallow and the top floor is not high enough. If the manufacturer does not install the upper mechanical stop device and the lower mechanical stop device according to the national recommended standards, the elevator will be repaired. People pose great security risks.

No safety risks from wells

In order to save costs and save space, some home elevators are not equipped with shafts. Although this elevator is equipped with the function of automatically stopping when encountering obstacles, due to inertia, it will still cause certain damage to the obstacles, especially when the user passes above or below the elevator in operation, there will inevitably be bumps, The situation of tripping, and its reliability still needs to be verified, which brings greater security risks.

No safety risks from car doors and car walls

Home elevators without car doors mainly appear in low-cost home elevators. Car doors and car walls are important safety measures to protect passengers in the car, preventing the risk of shear caused by the relative movement of the car and the hoistway wall. Undoubtedly, it brings great safety hazards to passengers, but in the author's opinion, the improvement of user safety awareness can greatly reduce the safety hazards caused thereby, for example, users should stand quietly in the middle until the elevator stops run.

No security risks due to maintenance

Although domestic elevators are not included in the supervision scope of special equipment supervision, they still require professional maintenance units to perform regular maintenance and repairs, and some users may not entrust the corresponding maintenance units to carry out elevator lifts without their knowledge due to their ignorance. Daily inspections and regular maintenance, and the professional maintenance and repair of home elevators are strong. Users cannot find their potential fault points in time. They are often not damaged and repaired. Small lesions are seriously ill, which will bring safety risks to users in the long run.

Security risks brought by personalized decoration

Users of home elevators often decorate them in order to cater to the entire home environment and decoration style, and excessive decoration will greatly change the balance coefficient of the traction elevator, affect the normal operation of the elevator, and increase the occurrence of elevator failures.

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