How to install a home elevator

Update:24 Oct 2019

Before the home elevator is installed Explore the risks […]

Before the home elevator is installed

Explore the risks that may exist in your work. These risks may come from the environment, tools and equipment, may come from the operation; may come from customers and users, may also come from their own colleagues, may also come from unrelated people; check the mental state of themselves and colleagues is good, check personal protection Whether the supplies and safety protective equipment are carried and in good condition, and whether the inspection tools are adequate and good;

Home elevator installation

Prevent good safety protection products, wear personal protective equipment, control and clean up the dangerous sources that affect work; follow the correct construction steps, do not violate the rules, do not take risks, don't be fortunate, don't opportunistic, and have to do between colleagues Mutual communication and coordination, mutual supervision and supervision, and discovery of violations must be immediately pointed out and required immediate correction to keep the workplace clean and orderly.

After the home elevator is installed

Every time you leave the site, you must keep the "work-to-work clear" situation. Before leaving the work area, check the impact on public safety again. After the protective measures are in place, you can leave. 3.3 Check if there are any lost or damaged tools and facilities, if lost. Or damage, should be repaired and replaced in time, each installation team must understand the structure and installation process requirements of each part of the elevator before the installation of the elevator. All the staff of each installation team must be familiar with and use the relevant electrical of the elevator. Schematic and wiring diagram.

All the staff of each installation team must be familiar with the quality standards and acceptance requirements of the elevator installation; 6. Each installation team must prepare the safety signs such as the warehouse, the hoistway, and the machine room before entering the site and paste them in the corresponding time at the first time. Locations related to safe entrances and exits, such as: "well construction, no parabolic ban," "well construction, prevention of sluice," "well construction, fire prevention", "well construction danger, please close the protective door" and so on.

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