How to install household elevators in different apartment structures

Update:24 Jun 2020

Villa elevators are gradually emerging as a new type of […]

Villa elevators are gradually emerging as a new type of urban vertical transportation industry. The high-end audience's pursuit of quality life, the villa elevator has become a necessity of family life.


Then when we install an elevator, where in the house can we install an elevator. How to install an elevator becomes the first problem we face. Where can a home elevator be installed? Generally speaking, the installation of elevator needs to decide how to install the elevator according to the type and structure of the villa.


1. If there is a dedicated elevator shaft in the building, the elevator can be installed in a dedicated elevator shaft. This method is the most common method and the lowest cost method, because it does not require a separate shaft to be built.


2. If there is no dedicated shaft in the building, but the staircase is surrounding and there is enough space, you can also install an elevator in the middle of the surrounding staircase. You can use aluminum alloy frame shafts or add concrete shafts. Personally suggest to use aluminum alloy frame hoistway, because aluminum alloy frame hoistway can increase the elevator car area in addition to being beautiful and generous. After all, the wall thickness of brick-concrete shaft is larger than aluminum alloy frame.



3. If you have a central hall in your building, you can also install a hoistway in the hall to install an elevator. You can use an aluminum alloy frame hoistway to install a sightseeing elevator to enjoy the beautiful scenery in your home.


4. If there is no suitable space to install the elevator in the building, but the elevator still needs to be installed indoors, then you can install the elevator by opening the floor slab at a suitable location. It is to cut a suitable hole in the floor to install an elevator shaft to install the elevator.


5. If there is no suitable space indoors, you can also install an outdoor elevator shaft to install your love ladder. For outdoor installation, you can choose a frame shaft or a brick concrete shaft. Both can be selected according to personal needs.


In order to adapt to the villa structure of different users, the elevator is very flexible in terms of civil engineering design; it can be equipped with a self-supporting frame shaft, the whole installation does not require welding, and it can be smoothly installed in the environment without shaft, machine room, and bottomless pit.

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