Precautions for installing home villa elevators in self-built houses

Update:29 Aug 2020

What should we pay attention to when choosing elevators […]

What should we pay attention to when choosing elevators for self-construction?

First, we must clearly choose the elevator category. At present, there are three main options for domestic elevators: traction elevators, spiral elevators and hydraulic elevators. The screw elevator relies on the mutual movement between the nut and the screw to run the elevator car. Due to structural limitations, the running speed is usually slow. The secondary three-helix elevator has a car design, light weight and low noise, and is more suitable for the installation of duplex buildings, LOFT apartments and overlapping villas. Due to many problems, hydraulic elevators have almost disappeared in China and have been more widely used in factories and workshops. However, the traction elevator is hauled by the traction host, the car and the counterweight are balanced with each other, the operation is stable, the technology is mature, and the energy saving is efficient. However, there are higher requirements for the dimensions of civil engineering: pit depth, top floor height and well width depth dimensions. Self-built houses are generally reserved for installation of elevators of sufficient size and sufficient depth, so traction elevators are most suitable for installation.

After selecting the type of elevator to install, the owner can contact the elevator manufacturer’s technicians to design the elevator shaft at the beginning of the building, because the elevator shaft is built at the same time as the house. Generally speaking, according to the manufacturer's technical capabilities, the pit depth of the traction elevator is required to be between 150 mm and 450 mm, and the height of the top layer is required to be above 2500 mm. It should be noted here that the pit should be well waterproof. Since the depths of domestic elevators are all irregular, as long as the car area does not exceed 1.6 square meters, the width and depth of the hoistway can be arbitrarily matched according to needs. At the same time, determine the position and size of the hoistway inner ring beam, door head beam, sill beam and main frame beam according to the guidance of the manufacturer's technical personnel. After the elevator shaft is completed, contact the manufacturer's technicians to check the size of the door, and then arrange the production and installation of the elevator.



After the size of the shaft is determined, the door opening method, counterweight method, interior decoration, etc. Can be determined by the manufacturer. According to the principle of ease of use, the door opening method of home elevators is selected in the order of automatic door, side door and hand sliding door. Generally speaking, it is most convenient for elevators to open doors with a width of 700 mm or more. For doors with a width of 700 mm, automatic separation doors have the highest requirements for the width of the hoistway. If you need to reach 1550 or higher, the side door can be selected from 1300 to 1500. If the width of the elevator shaft is less than 1300, choose the manual sliding door design. Determine car decoration, such as hairline stainless steel, mirror-etched stainless steel, titanium, rose gold, solid wood, etc.

In the middle and late stages of the decoration, the elevator can enter the site for installation. Usually enter the scene about a week after the installation is completed, and then decorate the door stone and door cover at the elevator door. In order to avoid collision with the elevator when carrying heavy objects during the renovation process after installation, elevator manufacturers usually move the car to the top floor first, then cut off the power supply and lock the elevator. After the renovation is completed, when the owner moves in, he will contact the manufacturer to open the elevator and start using it. Generally speaking, after the elevator is installed, the regular manufacturer will have a maintenance-free period of 30-50 days for renovation. Only after the owners move in, they begin to enter the normal maintenance and warranty process.

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