Safety rules for villa elevators

Update:30 Jul 2020

In recent years, villa elevators have become more and m […]

In recent years, villa elevators have become more and more popular. The villa elevators themselves have special safety guarantees. Safety gears, speed limiters, buffers and other important safety components are all designed to ensure the safety of elevators. However, the elevator is a high-altitude means of transportation after all, and we must pay attention to it. For our safety, the following explains the safe riding rules for small villa elevators.


When the elevator stops on other floors, do not slap the hall door urgently because of things, and do not artificially extend the opening time. Otherwise, the wrong car stopping will delay time or cause the button to malfunction.


Secondly, the floor door cannot be used as a temporary rest. It will affect the opening of the floor door or fall into the well due to the wrong opening of the floor door. Don't think that the floor door is open. The car must be on that floor. The elevator floor door with serious mechanical failure will be opened by mistake.


When entering the car, first check whether the elevator safety inspection certificate is posted in the car and whether the certificate is within the validity period. After entering the car according to the rules, the passengers who entered first consciously stand backwards, so that the passengers behind can have a safe foothold as soon as possible.



After getting on the elevator, don't press the button of the non-target floor at will. Press it after seeing it clearly, otherwise pressing the trigger alarm button or pause button will cause the elevator to stop operating. This will only increase the operating cost of the elevator and reduce the transportation efficiency of the elevator.


The car alarm device, alarm button and other communication equipment can be activated at this time. Passengers can contact the elevator staff through these devices and wait patiently for the arrival of maintenance personnel. Do not open the car door forcefully or attempt to climb out of the safety window. This is easy In the event of accidents such as fall, casualties, etc., when the elevator is suddenly stopped, the safety fixture will clamp the car tightly between the two rails, which will not cause personal injury.


Even if there is such a major failure to squat down, the elevator buffer will step forward to slow down the impact of the car flying down and protect the passengers. Children are minors and have strong curiosity. Therefore, children must be accompanied by adults and never let them alone in the elevator.

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