Selection method of villa elevator car

Update:03 Apr 2020

1. Look at the drive method: traction drive The elevato […]

1. Look at the drive method: traction drive

The elevator car with permanent magnet traction technology has the characteristics of improving stability, wide seating, quiet operation and low energy consumption, which is the best choice for domestic elevators.

2. See the closed method: revolving door

The revolving door is also the same as the public passenger elevator, and it has two floors for car door and hall door maintenance. In addition, in consideration of saving indoor space, most home elevators choose side-opening revolving doors. Because the side-opening revolving door can save the total floor area and use the total width of the elevator shaft as much as possible. In addition, it can help the disabled and the elderly with walking difficulties. Layout considerations.

3. Look at the manufacturer

In the past two years, the first batch of elevator manufacturers with very different grades has found it very difficult to purchase products with high cost performance. One way to visualize it is to master the manufacturer's manufacturing qualification certificate before buying.

4. The power outage is urgent

If a power outage occurs suddenly in the elevator car and the situation is closed, turning off the power supply emergency function can ensure that the elevator car is operated again for a period of time, and it must not be shut down because of a power outage.

5. Fully automatic leveling for common faults

Home elevators do not have property management staff on duty, and it will take more than ten minutes for the elevator maintenance company to come to the rescue. If there is a fully automatic leveling function for common faults, the elevator car should never be concerned about people when common faults occur, or manually analyze common fault conditions, and level the floor and open and close the door in the premise of ensuring the safety factor of passengers. Release passengers, this can reduce the risk of getting inside the elevator car even smaller.

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