The difference between machine room-less home elevator and machine room home elevator

Update:20 Dec 2019

Many people do not know much about machine-room-less ho […]

Many people do not know much about machine-room-less home elevators and machine-room home elevators when they choose to install home elevators, and they don't know the difference between them. So how do you know the difference between machine-room-free home elevators and machine-room home elevators? Which home elevator is better?

First, the advantages of machine-room-less elevators compared with machine-room elevators

1. The advantage of machine-less room is that it saves space. You can only do a maintenance platform under the host.

2.Because there is no need for a computer room, it has greater benefits in terms of building structure and cost, which allows architects to have greater flexibility and convenience in design, giving designers greater freedom, and at the same time For the machine room, for the owner, the machine room-less elevator has a lower construction cost than the machine-room elevator.

3.Due to the particularity of the overall design of some antique architectural buildings and the requirements for the roof, the elevator problem must be solved within an effective height, so the machine room-less elevator meets this type of architectural needs very well. The floor is high, thus destroying the local ethnic exoticness. If you use a machine-room-less elevator, you don't need to set up the main room of the elevator separately, which can effectively reduce the building.

4. Places where it is not convenient to set up an elevator machine room, such as hotels, hotel annex buildings, podiums, etc.

Second, the disadvantages of machine-room-less elevators compared with machine-room elevators

1. Limitations of noise, vibration and use

There are two popular ways of placing the host machine in the machine-less room: one is to place the host machine on the car roof and connect it through the guide wheels in the shaft. No matter which way is used, the noise impact is very large because of the rigid connection. And the noise must be digested in the hoistway, plus the sound of the brake, the sound of the fan will be amplified. Therefore, in terms of noise, the machine room is significantly larger than the machine room.

In addition, the rigid connection of the host and the resonance phenomenon are inevitably transmitted to the car and the guide rail, and the impact on the car and the guide rail is relatively large. Therefore, the comfort of the machine room is obviously weaker than that of the organic room. Due to the influence of these two items, machine-room-less elevators are not suitable for high-speed trapezoids with a height above 1.75 / s. In addition, due to the limited support force supported by the shaft wall, the load capacity of the elevator without machine room should generally not be greater than 1150 kg. The excessive load requires too much load on the shaft wall, and we usually have a thickness of 200mm for reinforced concrete and brick-concrete structures. It is usually 240mm, which is not suitable for carrying too large a load, so a trapezoidal machine room with a capacity of 1.75m / s and less than 1150 kg can replace the machine room, and a high-speed elevator with a large capacity and a machine room elevator are significantly better than machine room-less elevators.

2.Temperature effect

The heat generated by the elevator is relatively large. At the same time, its various electronic components have a poor ability to withstand high temperatures. At present, the machine room elevators and machine room-less elevators use permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines. The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will easily cause "demagnetization" phenomenon. Therefore, in the national standard, there are clear regulations on the temperature and exhaust air volume of the computer room. The main heating components such as the host machine in the machine-less room are in the hoistway.Because there is no corresponding cooling and exhaust facilities, the temperature of the elevator without machine room has a greater impact on the host and the control cabinet, especially the fully transparent sightseeing elevator is not suitable for installation There is no machine room elevator, and the hot air accumulated in the elevator cannot be exhausted. Therefore, choosing such an elevator must be heavy.

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