Two maintenance methods for home elevators

Update:01 Jul 2020

The design of many villas, self-built houses, and build […]

The design of many villas, self-built houses, and buildings in the middle of the building will increase the elevator part, so that it can be convenient for life and beautiful, but everyone knows whether small household elevators need to be maintained, how should they be properly maintained?


Maintenance method of home elevator. Divided into user maintenance and professional maintenance.


User maintenance


1. Overload is prohibited. Pay attention to the load capacity of home elevators. The load capacity of different elevators is different. We should use it according to the load capacity of our own installed elevators. Do not use it frequently. This will not only increase the load of the elevator in the villa, but also make the elevator The chance of damage increases.


2. Hygienic and clean. The elevator is regularly cleaned with dust. If the elevator is not cleaned and maintained frequently, it is easy to get dirty. Therefore, regular cleaning of the elevator in the home villa is also the maintenance of the elevator, but it should be noted that the cleaning agent should use a less corrosive cleaning agent. . The cleaning and cleaning of the home elevator car mainly includes the cleaning of the elevator door, the inner wall of the car, the inner groove of the car door, and the floor of the car.



Professional maintenance


1. Professionals visit and maintain regularly. The regular maintenance period of home elevators is usually 3-6 months. Maintenance professionals are required to inspect, repair, and replace the equipment parts in the elevator operation through professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.


2. Lubrication and maintenance of mechanical parts. Whether it is a screw elevator or a traction elevator, lubricating oil is an essential maintenance product. After using it for a long time, its working efficiency will decrease, noise and so on will increase, so increasing the lubrication of parts is also the maintenance of the elevator.


3. If the home elevator is found to be faulty in daily use, it is recommended that the owner directly contact the manufacturer for home repair.


The home elevator is a kind of mechanical equipment, so it may have a certain impact on the internal system performance during long-term work or operation. If the correct maintenance is performed, the elevator can be operated normally, which improves the daily work efficiency and basic performance, and makes you feel more stable and less noise when riding the elevator. Therefore, correct home elevator maintenance is the best safety guarantee for customers.

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