Villa elevator bottom and top protection measures

Update:11 Oct 2019

First, the villa elevator bottom is the villa elevator […]

First, the villa elevator bottom is the villa elevator car in the case of the control system all failed, will go beyond the first level of the flat position and travel down until the bottom of the pit stop buffer.

Second, the buffer is the guard device set for this purpose. The guard device is divided into spring type and hydraulic type according to the different running speed of the villa elevator.

Third, when the car is on the bumper, it is called the bottom. At this time, the impact of the shock absorber on the villa elevator car is relieved, and it does not cause serious damage to the passengers in the villa elevator.

In the daily operation of the villa elevator, it is necessary to do the repair and maintenance work. The outside should be inspected, and the internal inspection should be done in all aspects. If you can understand these things clearly and smoothly. Complete the entire inspection process before you can use it better.

They will give you the corresponding daily maintenance work. When we check, we must not only look at whether there is any corrosion problem outside, but also whether there are other aspects in the inside. These are not ordinary people who can check. . Daily maintenance work will directly affect the future safety of use. The inspection of household elevators must have the correct method, and small problems should be solved in a timely manner. Many small problems may lead to more serious situations. We will have an adverse impact in the future. Maintenance work is done more in place, and it will be more reassuring in the future use process, so we must do a good job in these aspects.

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