What are the advantages of home villa elevators

Update:03 Sep 2020

To determine the direction of operation of the elevator […]

To determine the direction of operation of the elevator, it is necessary to know the current location of the elevator, so it is very important to determine the position of the elevator. If this part of the circuit fails, the elevator may not be able to automatically determine the direction of operation, and the signal may not be registered. . Similarly, when this part of the circuit breaks down, it will generally cause the floor display numbers to be incorrect. Car speed sensor. At present, some elevators omit the floor sensor and use the speed sensor installed on the car to calculate the floor. This elevator is equipped with an upper speed change sensor and a lower speed change sensor on the side of the car, and a short magnetic barrier is installed at each stop in the hoistway at the upward and downward speed change points. .


Usually when using villa elevators, safety is very important. Only by ensuring safety can other accidents be avoided. During the application process, it can prevent the car from falling freely and over-speed descent. It can be taken in time. Measures in these areas will have more benefits for all of us. When choosing an elevator, we must carefully check whether the elevator has a manually operated emergency control device. This device can be operated in an emergency and can truly prevent accidents from happening. When the human force is greater than At 30, we rely on emergency disks to overcome these systems, so as to ensure our safety.



Elevator traction wire ropes are generally composed of 6-8 ropes, with a safety factor of 12. The safety performance is guaranteed. The safety calculations in engineering design and actual operation tests have proved its safety, so it will be used in large-scale engineering . The failure process of the wire rope is fretting fatigue. The wire breaks first, and the strand breaks, and then the rope breaks. This takes a long time. Maintenance personnel need to check the condition of the wire rope every month. If the number of broken wires reaches the specified value, they must be replaced. The steel wire rope is safe enough for reference only!


The function of the safety touch panel In order to prevent the elevator door from catching passengers during the closing process, a safety touch panel (or photoelectric or light curtain) is generally installed on the elevator car door. Safety touch panel: It is a mechanical anti-pinch device. When the elevator is closing the door, when a person touches the safety touch panel, the safety touch panel retracts inward, driving the lower micro switch, the safety touch panel switching action, and controlling the door Turn in the direction of opening the door. Photoelectric: Some elevators are equipped with door photoelectric (at least two points are required), one side is the transmitting end, and the other is the receiving end. When the elevator door is closed, if there is an object blocking the light, the receiving end cannot receive the light source from the transmitting end, and the photoelectric relay is driven immediately, which controls the door to open in the opposite direction.


The landing part mainly includes: landing door system (door hanging panel, landing door, small door cover), outbound operation panel floor display, etc. The elevator has become an indispensable means of transportation in life. How much do you know about elevators? Eight major systems (traction system, guidance system, car system, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electric control system, safety protection system) 1. Traction system The traction system provides power for the elevator, relying on traction The traction between the wheel and the wire rope drives the elevator up and down. The traction system mainly includes the traction machine, the traction wire rope, the guide wheel, the main frame, the shock absorber, and the rope end combination.



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