What are the advantages of innovative residential elevators

Update:09 Jul 2020

The ideal barrier-free solution is a solution that can […]

The ideal barrier-free solution is a solution that can meet all your home elevator requirements: low-cost, beautiful, safety-tested, space-saving solutions that can help you fully enter your home.


Although products like stair lifts can attract people with limited budgets, experience has shown that in the long run, this can often hinder the resale value of the house, and from an aesthetic point of view, this is not the most attractive home. In many cases, it is generally recommended that those who choose to install a stair lift on a home elevator system completely remove the elevator in order to attract more buyers, so that their investment has a short-term gain.


When seeking other accessibility at home, people often look for easy-to-install, stress-free solutions to meet their travel needs. Whether buying a home elevator system or a stair elevator, cost is one of the many factors that determine which mobile solution is right for them. When choosing to make your house usable, the resale value of the house, as well as the building and space requirements, are crucial.


Traditional residential elevators, whether hydraulic lifts, drum lifts or traction lifts, can be used as alternative solutions, although additional pre-construction requirements including shafts, mines and machine rooms may exceed expectations and increase Installation cost and space loss. In addition, annual maintenance of traditional home elevators is usually required, and changes in gas, oil, and lubricants will increase the long-term cost of your home elevator investment. Traditional home elevators do not provide beautiful designs because they are only installed in hidden and invisible stacked closets.



Fortunately, the vacuum elevator is the only pneumatic home elevator in the world that can meet all your barrier-free needs. As a space-saving solution for any home, these innovative residential elevators do not require any pre-construction shafts, pits or machine rooms to operate, and are completely classified as home elevator systems. This cost-saving feature can save time and money for homeowners to install, because the elevator only needs to be placed on the existing ground. Vacuum elevator is a self-supporting home elevator system that can run on AIR, the world's most abundant resource, and can be flexibly installed in almost any location in the house within 2-3 days, while providing passengers with automatic ride Experience.


These family elevators use a panoramic design to provide 360-degree visibility, and can provide an attractive aesthetic for any residence that attracts the attention of residents and homeowners. From single passenger to three-person wheelchair barrier-free mode, there are three models to choose from, one of which is a vacuum elevator that can meet the needs of any family, but takes up much less space than a traditional home elevator. These economical and elegant home elevators are not constrained by the structure of the home, and provide a unique function of disassembly and reinstallation in a separate location, which is not a function of most home elevator systems.


These plug-and-play elevators can run up to 5 stops or rise a total of 50 feet. They can operate with a simple 220-volt power supply and will not use any harmful gases, oil or lubricants. Therefore, according to its certification, the maintenance requirements of these environmentally friendly residential elevators are extremely low, and the only recommended maintenance is after 15,000 rides. This is very different from the traditional home elevator system, because the traditional home elevator system usually runs on a maintenance-based business model, because over time, it will bring additional costs to the homeowner.




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