What are the conditions for choosing a home villa elevator

Update:14 Aug 2019

The most important thing to choose a home villa elevato […]

The most important thing to choose a home villa elevator is safety and reliability. The elevator may report a fault during use, but the failure rate must be small, depending on the quality and installation maintenance level of the elevator manufacturer.

Three-point equipment, seven points installation. Not only the quality has to pass, but the installation level is high. Although the national department does not perform mandatory inspection, the internal inspection and acceptance work must be done well, so that the user can be perfectly transferred, and the maintenance work should be done regularly during normal use. . This can be used comfortably.

Secondly, the choice of home villa elevators needs to be personalized and customized. This needs to be considered according to the villa's architectural features, decoration style and user needs. The location of the home elevator installation is critical. On the basis of not destroying the main structure as much as possible, choose a convenient and beautiful location. The common middle position of the stairs and the elevator shaft and the external elevator are built around the stairs. The convenience of humanization needs to consider the convenience of the elderly to use the wheelchair. Common sizes for wheelchairs are 63 cm in width and 93 cm in length. Therefore, the size of the elevator car must be greater than 65 cm wide and 100 cm deep, and the opening size is preferably 700 cm.

Finally, the choice of home villa elevators needs to consider energy conservation and environmental protection: such as the noise of the home elevator, whether it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the height of the top layer, and how much power is consumed. At present, the most energy-efficient and low-noise elevators are permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevators.


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