What are the principles for the purchase and installation of home villa elevators

Update:28 Mar 2020

In the purchase and installation of home villa elevator […]

In the purchase and installation of home villa elevators, it is necessary to have relevant principles. So what are the principles for the purchase and installation of home villa elevators?

Then the screw elevator needs to be lifted to 2 or 3 floors. At the same time, there is a neighbor floor downstairs that cannot support the load and can not dig a pit. The height of the top floor is too low to be less than 2400mm. If all the above conditions are met, a screw elevator is installed. In other words, duplex buildings, upper-floor villas, LOFTs, and lofts on the top floors of residential buildings can be installed with screw elevators or screw elevators. A new type of screw rotary screw elevator is preferred, with low noise and car walls. Designed to be more secure. If it is an upper-floor villa, you need to upgrade 4 floors or more, and there are neighbors under the floor. In this case, you can only install the traditional old-fashioned screw elevator. The disadvantages are also obvious. The speed is slow, the nuts are noisy, and there is no car wall design. Is the import price abnormally high.

Traction elevators have high civil requirements. At the same time, due to the counterweight, the car size will be smaller under the same shaft size. However, the traction elevator technology is mature, the system is stable, and the operating failure rate is low. Even if the civil conditions in the home are satisfied, a small number of owners do not choose traction elevators. According to the editors, there are generally two reasons. One is that because the size of the hoistway is small, I am afraid that the size of the traction elevator car is too small. Traction elevators are towed by traction wire ropes, fearing that the car will fall when the wire rope is broken.

Generally, domestic elevator manufacturers perform maintenance once every three months to ensure that all safety components of the elevator work normally. Screw elevators and traction elevators require maintenance once every two months. Some manufacturers require on-site maintenance once a year, just like the cars we use every day. If the brake pads are not worn out in time, the car will naturally stop on the road, but in actual life, we have heard of car brake pads. Worn to brake? No, because the maintenance on time in the 4S shop has been completely solved. Therefore, as long as the daily maintenance is guaranteed, the screw elevator is as safe as the traction elevator, and there is no need to choose an elevator from the perspective of safety.


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