What are the processes for the home elevator from selection to use

Update:31 Oct 2019

Step 1: After determining that the elevator needs to be […]

Step 1: After determining that the elevator needs to be installed, it is necessary to inspect the home elevator industry and select a regular elevator manufacturer to conduct on-site field measurement design. This step is more critical, and the elevator installation location and elevator size must be determined according to their actual needs. In all elevator designs, choose the solution that best suits your situation.

Step 3: After the plan is determined, it is necessary to do some preparatory work before the elevator installation. For example, the elevator lead determines the position of the elevator control cabinet to reserve the power line and the telephone line. If there is no elevator shaft, it needs to be the elevator shaft, and the elevator shaft is provided. If there is an inappropriate place, it needs to be rectified. After the site preparation work is completed, there is no problem. The elevator can be used for production. After the elevator is finished, it will be installed.

Step 3: Arrange the elevator installation time according to the decoration progress. Generally, the newly renovated house time will be controlled in the middle and later period of the decoration. After the elevator arrives at the scene, the elevator installer picks up the goods and separately places the elevator components. The electrical components need to be waterproof and moisture-proof. . Then the elevator personnel began to install and debug the elevator on site. After the installation and commissioning of the elevator, the owner needs to test the elevator. If the dissatisfaction is satisfied, the installer will rectify the site. In addition, the location of the elevator shaft and the doorway need to be blocked. According to your preference, the doorway and the door stone will be completed. In this step, the elevators are all locked up. The manufacturers usually cut off the power supply, and the elevator door panels and the car have protective film protection.

Step 4: Before the official renovation, please contact the elevator manufacturer to open the elevator and remove the protective film of the elevator door panel and the car. After detailed inspection, the elevator can be used normally without any problems.


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