What are the protective devices for the villa elevator

Update:29 Jul 2019

During the use of the villa elevator, the villa elevato […]

During the use of the villa elevator, the villa elevator protection device can make the use of the elevator more safe, then what are the protective devices of the villa elevator? Next, the villa elevator will introduce you to the five protective devices of the villa elevator. Let's follow this article to find out.

As an elevator, the villa elevator itself carries a certain degree of danger, so the current villa elevators must be equipped with certain protective devices to increase the safety index of the elevators. The protection of the villa elevator is not only one type, but includes overload protection device, overspeed protection device, fall protection device, door lock electrical protection device and end station forced deceleration device.

1. Overload protection device: It can weigh the weight of the car. When the rated load is exceeded, the villa will not start and beep sounds. After the warning, the passengers entering the car will exit the car in time.

2. Overspeed protection device: When the upper and lower running speeds of the elevator exceed the specified speed, the speed limiter safety switch will act to stop the elevator.

3. Fall protection device: The up and down running speed of the car is monitored by the speed limiter in real time. Once the car is out of control, the speed limiter will start the safety gear and immediately stop the car system on the guide rail.

4. Door lock electrical protection device: the hall door and slower, the car door is equipped with an electrical interlock switch, used to confirm the door is completely closed, as long as a door is not closed in place, the elevator can not run. When the car stops at the station, the traction machine brake can ensure that the car level is unchanged.

5. End station forced deceleration device: The upper and lower end stations force the deceleration switch to be installed at the running speed change point to ensure that the elevator can reliably reduce the running speed when approaching the end station.

With the combination of these guards, the possibility of various accidents in the villa elevator can be minimized, so that these guards can not be used for a villa elevator.


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