What are the requirements for the maintenance of the home elevator

Update:06 Aug 2019

Household elevators need to be maintained and maintaine […]

Household elevators need to be maintained and maintained on a regular basis. Before the maintenance process, it is necessary to understand the relevant requirements. So what are the requirements for the maintenance of the home elevator? Next, the home elevator will come to talk to you about the relevant knowledge, let's take a look.

Household elevators do not require mandatory acceptance, but the time interval for full inspection of home elevators should not exceed 12 months, especially regarding the validity of the following items;

a) door lock device (for hand-drawn door)

b) electrical safety devices;

c) grounding continuity;

d) support and suspension systems;

e) drive and brakes;

f) devices that prevent free fall and overspeed drops, such as speed limiters and safety gears;

g) alarm system;

h) door protection devices (eg safety touch panels and light curtains);

i) inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (eg distance, surface and sharp edges);

j) guide rails and guide shoes;

k) lighting and emergency lighting;

l) emergency operating device;

m) All logos.

Maintenance of home elevators

a) Routine maintenance is to observe, inspect and simply test the equipment and its operating conditions through the eyes, ears, nose, hands and body of the maintenance personnel. Identify and resolve problems in a timely manner. Routine maintenance is usually carried out in two weeks.

b) Regular maintenance is to ensure that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards by thoroughly inspecting, repairing, replacing, and adjusting certain parts of the equipment in operation to fundamentally guarantee the intrinsic quality of the equipment. Regular maintenance is usually done once a month.


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