What are the safety precautions for the use of home elevators

Update:17 Jul 2020

In the process of using a domestic elevator, the correc […]

In the process of using a domestic elevator, the correct safe use steps are to ensure the relevant safety performance, so what are the safety precautions for using the domestic elevator?


1. The home elevator cannot be overloaded. When the elevator calls the police, it should voluntarily exit and wait for the next trip before taking the elevator. It is very dangerous to overload the elevator.


2. When the home elevator is in normal operation, do not press the emergency button, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble to you. If you need to keep the elevator door open, you should press and hold the door open button. If you need to move the items, you can ask other passengers to help you hold the door open button.


3. When the home elevator door closes quickly, do not force into the elevator to prevent the elevator from closing the door, and avoid staying with one foot inside and one foot outside, as this will hurt you. When the elevator door is about to close, it is strictly forbidden to extend the door clearance by hand to try to reopen the elevator door. Keep a distance from the elevator door. When opening and closing the door, pay special attention to prevent clothing or other belongings from being pinched by the elevator door. 


4. When riding a home elevator, if the elevator door is not closed, it will run, which means that the elevator is faulty. Passengers should not take the elevator and report it to the maintenance personnel. 



5. Before coming to the home elevator, passengers first check to see if there is an elevator maintenance sign. If the elevator is under maintenance, such a sign should be hung, and passengers should not ride.


6. After the elevator stops, passengers should pay attention to observe whether the elevator car floor and floors are level when entering and exiting the elevator. If it is uneven, it indicates that the elevator is faulty and should be notified for maintenance in time to ensure passenger safety.


7. When riding a home elevator, please do not play, jump, or make noise in the elevator, so as not to affect the normal operation of the elevator; smoking and littering in the elevator are prohibited to keep the elevator clean and unobstructed.


8. Elevators should be regularly maintained and inspected by qualified professional manufacturers; inform the relevant installation and maintenance companies or properties in a timely manner if elevator failures are found.



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