What are the special design requirements for home elevators

Update:29 May 2020

As elevator-related technologies continue to mature, el […]

As elevator-related technologies continue to mature, elevator costs continue to decline, and the aging population continues to grow, domestic elevators have gradually become the new development direction of China's elevator market. More and more villas have reserved elevator shafts during construction, the number of home elevators has gradually increased, and the annual output has reached more than 100,000 units. In this article, the author will discuss and analyze several related problems of home elevators.


Special design requirements for home elevators


As a special type of elevator, household elevators have different design requirements [1] due to their different environments and purposes.


(1) The hoistway takes up little space. Since the home elevator is installed in a private house, the number of users is small, no large-size car is needed, and the user does not want it to occupy too much residential space, so the hoistway of the home elevator should be as small as possible. At the same time, due to factors such as the height of the storey, it cannot provide a pit with a sufficient depth and a relatively spacious top floor space.


(2) Low speed and good comfort. Household elevators are often not lifted high, so they can meet their requirements without excessive speed, and as household appliances, their comfort is better, and frequent shaking should not occur.


(3) Low noise. The home elevator is installed in the villa, which may be close to the bedroom or the rest area, or even installed in the bedroom, so its noise requirements are more strict than the ordinary elevator.


(4) Self-rescue function should be equipped [2]. The household elevator is likely to be a family member alone, no one is in the house, and the elevator is malfunctioning. At this time, it is necessary to equip the elevator with self-rescue function, including the power-off re-leveling function in the case of power outage, the user can pass in the car The self-rescue device moves the elevator to the leveling position to realize self-rescue.


(5) Manual door without car door. Some home elevators use manual doors in the form of landing doors according to user needs and do not provide car doors. This is mainly for the purpose of saving floor space and cost.


(6) External telephone access function. This function is an indispensable function of home elevators. When there is a trapped person in the elevator and no one is in the house and cannot help himself, he can ask the outside world in time.



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