What is the difference between a home elevator and a normal elevator

Update:09 Nov 2019

The focus of home elevator technology is clearly differ […]

The focus of home elevator technology is clearly different from that of commercial elevators. Home elevators require very high hoistway utilization. Generally speaking, the lower the hoistway utilization, the smaller the car area and the more wasted space. Commercial elevators are very demanding on civil engineering. Let's briefly talk about the difference between the two from the following aspects.


Home elevators are used in private homes and are designed for use in a single home. Common commercial elevator applications are widely used and are generally not used in public places.


The speed of the home elevator does not exceed 0.4m/s, while the speed of ordinary elevators varies from 0.25m/s to 0.5m/s and above 10m/s.

3.on the load

Household elevators are relatively small because they are private rides. The general load capacity is less than 400KG, while ordinary public elevators carry more passengers and carry more weight than home elevators.

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4.on the pit

If the household elevator adopts two types of elevators, hydraulic and traction, the pit must be reserved, but the screw elevator does not need to reserve the pit, and the ordinary commercial elevator must reserve the pit.

5.on the machine room

Home elevators are now more of a machine room design, and ordinary commercial elevators usually have large machine rooms.

In addition to the above differences, the home elevator market is small and costly compared to ordinary commercial elevators. Therefore, when choosing a home elevator, we must pay attention to brand and quality.


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