What misunderstandings should be avoided in the decoration of home elevators

Update:06 Dec 2019

Many people are not limited to the initial home elevato […]

Many people are not limited to the initial home elevator fans when installing home elevators in their homes, but more concerned about the secondary decoration of home elevators. However, many people often fall into some misunderstandings when decorating home elevators.

1.The misunderstanding of choosing a brand. Many consumers choose home elevators to blindly pursue brands. In fact, if home elevators are below 1.0M / S, Chinese domestic brands have already passed the customs, and they don't need to consider the brands too much. If you consider too many brands, it will cost a lot of money.

2.The stainless steel car is equipped with spotlights. Originally, the reflectivity of stainless steel material was very high, and a few bright spotlights on the car roof "decorated" and looked dazzled. If you choose stainless steel (hairline or etching), it is recommended to use soft and bright acrylic lights for the car roof.

3. Some people think that they know home elevators very well, so they only consider VVVF when choosing them. In fact, there are two types of elevators controlled by VVVF: PLC control or microcomputer control. Currently, 32-bit microcomputer-controlled elevators are generally used, and PLC-controlled elevator costs are corresponding. Lower, but can no longer be upgraded. Even upgrades are expensive. And if the elevator controlled by microcomputer and serial communication interface is used, there is much room for upgrading in the future.

4.The floor of the home villa elevator car paved with marble. The natural marble on the car floor looks high-grade, and the elevator decoration weighs hundreds of kilograms. The decoration weight is not for nothing, it will inevitably increase the elevator load and reduce the occupants. If you like the style of marble, the artificial marble slab for elevator floor in elevator decoration is only a few millimeters thick. You can choose the color pattern and it is easy to replace. There is no need to reserve the thickness of the decoration.

5. The elevator shafts of household villas are completely transparent. It mainly refers to sightseeing elevators. Now the elevator decoration is exquisite with exposure as fashion, but what is the ornamental effect of the rail steel cable on the heavy black and greasy mass? These things are not considered to be displayed to elevator passengers when they are manufactured. Such elevators It is more prone to visual fatigue, and the layman thought that the elevator was not installed! Sightseeing elevators only expose the car and do not affect the sightlines of passengers.


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