What should we pay attention to when operating a home elevator?

Update:10 Sep 2019

First, the home elevator application The villa home hom […]

First, the home elevator application

The villa home home elevator integrates the home environment, its elegant lines, comfortable and diverse choice of home fabrics, plus intimate design and superb technology, so that the villa home elevator is suitable for all types of stairs, and comfortable The folding and unfolding movements are light and smooth, and the folding function is quickly completed, and a wide space can be vacated for use by other members of the family.

Second, the home elevator structure

The structure of the home elevator is generally composed of three parts: the rail, the driving device, and the household. The driving device and the household are installed together, so from the appearance, the home elevator is like a chair running on the track. When the stairs hit the obstacle, the sensor installed at the edge of the pedal and the bottom of the gantry can immediately react, and the villa home elevator is safely and stably stopped.

1. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers and not to wear helmets and work permits, and to bring children into the construction site.

2. It is strictly forbidden for any personnel to operate, stand and walk under the elevator lifting frame, the hanging basket and the lifting frame wellhead and hanging objects.

3. home elevator reminder, must be strictly prohibited in the home elevator operation site to play, noisy and throw everything from the heights.

4. It is strictly forbidden to work in high places without railings or other safety measures and to walk on a single wall.

5. It is strictly forbidden to work up and down at the same time in the same part where no safety measures are provided.

6. It is strictly forbidden to carry out elevator adventure work in the dangerous area of ​​high voltage power supply.

7. the home elevator reminds, it is strictly prohibited to bring dangerous goods, flammable products on the lift site smoking, fire.


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