What are the precautions for home elevator design

Update:22 Aug 2020

The design of home elevator (villa elevator) should pay […]

The design of home elevator (villa elevator) should pay attention to the following items:

The location and space of elevator hoistway for home villa

The hoistway location space determines the elevator size and door opening size of the home villa. Install an elevator in the middle of the stairs to combine with the stairs.

1 The middle of the stairs, the corners, and the external hanging are all possible. It is better not to block the passage in the middle.

2 Use the door opening width to reverse the hoistway width, and use the top floor height to reverse the car height.

3 The recommended load capacity is 3-4 people, 260-400KG, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.2 square meters.

Determination of the style of home villa elevator

Mainly consider the hoistway environment and personal preferences, and then consider the cost and difficulty.

1 The enclosed hoistway is equipped with an enclosed car, and the sightseeing hoistway is equipped with a sightseeing car, which can be used for three-sided sightseeing or partial sightseeing.

2 The car has various shapes. Rectangular, circular, and combined types are all available. It is recommended to use an automatic center opening door with transparent materials.

3 Because there are many elevator parts, it is not easy to use full transparent glass for family sightseeing elevators. Frosted glass or colored glass can be used.

Functions and safety measures of home villa elevators

The users of home elevators lack elevator professional knowledge, and there are no dedicated elevator service personnel, and the safety cannot be reduced. The elevators are configured in accordance with the standard for passenger elevators.



The layout and appearance of the elevator car of the home villa

1 Install a home elevator in the hollow space of the U-shaped turn staircase. Steel structure hoistway, transparent design.

2 If it is an arc-shaped staircase with an arc-shaped elevator, it is more beautiful. There are two types, one is the common semi-arc car with plane automatic door, and the other is the arc car with arc-shaped automatic door. But the overall cost is relatively high

Bottom pit and top floor

The bottom pit is for installing buffers and accommodating the bottom of the car, and the traction machine should be installed on the top floor. Some jumpers cannot dig the bottom pit, the top height is small, etc., home elevators are designed flexibly and adapted to local conditions.

1 Generally, a small bottom pit is 150mm. For a bottomless pit, the pit can be borrowed from the decorative ground, and then the elevator will raise a step, about 70~100mm.

2 The height of the top floor>2800mm, the height of the car is 2100mm

The safety of elevator exits in home villas

Door failures account for a larger proportion of elevator failures. Once the front door protection fails or fails, the consequences will be serious, especially for villa elevators without car doors.

Home villa elevator speed

0.4 m/s is the upper limit of the speed of home villa elevators. The general traction type home villa elevator is 0.4 m/s. The backward screw type speed is 0.15 m/s, which is too slow.

The installation of home elevators in families involves civil engineering, structure, decoration, electrical, waterproofing, reinforcement, and shock absorption. Multiple professional knowledge such as noise reduction and safety need to be considered comprehensively.


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